Surfacing Lumber

IMG_0239I have some more posting on the Welded Coffee Table and the Traditional Tool Chest build to do, but I was in the shop tonight working on some of the more boring, but rewarding, monotonous work in the beginning stages of any project; surfacing.

I forget sometimes why I do what I do.  Deadlines; spring housework; the insanity that is Kids’ Sports.  Honestly, what did I do before I had kids?  I must have been either really bored or really lazy.

I’ve been working mostly on commissions lately, hence the “deadlines” crack.  I made some commitments to some family members, and I don’t want to let anyone down, so I’m feeling a little rushed to get some heirloom-quality, hand-down-to-your-grandchildren solid furniture out the door.  I certainly don’t mind the commitments.  That’s what family’s about.  But I’m not a rusher.  I typically take my good-old time to make sure that what leaves the shop bound for someone else’s home is as near-perfect as this severely flawed mortal can conjure.

So, while I was picking through the pile of white oak from which I chose to build this latest project (it’s a surprise; I can’t name it just yet), I was thinking how ugly the wood I chose looked in the rough.  For as straight as that white oak was when I cut it down, it sure looked like it was going to be a bear to flatten out these boards.

I flattened one side on the jointer; still not impressed.  But once I started my surface planing routine, the beauty of the white oak started to show through.  I don’t write this lightly; I actually paused to look at what I was getting out of those boards.  Great color, great figure, just. . .nice.

I started to feel a little better.  Started moving a little more fluidly.  My planing routine is pretty regimented, and I’ll cover that in a later post, but it started feeling less like drudgery and more like woodworking.


The wood, man.  Remember the wood?  I think I do.

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Young, good-looking, manly--you get the picture. Novice woodworker with just too much rolling around upstairs to keep to myself. Random thoughts, philosophical questions, the occasional flash of insight or just dumb luck that needs to be shared with anyone who cares.
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2 Responses to Surfacing Lumber

  1. Where are my steps?? 😉

  2. Sam says:

    Dude, you SO get me

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